This book teaches spoken English to people who are familiar with basic English and can read it. It aims at developing fluency, by making the mind think in English and getting the tongue used to uttering English sentences. 

If you speak good English, chances are that you will write well too. But the converse is not true. Hence, bookish grammar will never lend fluency to speech. Fluency in spoken English requires a combination of a good vocabulary, correct grammar, correct pronunciation, correct intonation and expression, and confidence in speaking. 

This book aims at developing your communication skills by teaching the art of conversation, using word groups like native speakers do, and making learners conversant with rules of grammar without having to consciously think of them while speaking. The audio links in the book will make pronunciation and practice lessons convenient to practice.  It is an integrated, interactive, self-learning tool to speak better English.

Published by Correctly speaking

Aradhana Rana is a Gold medalist from Delhi University and a Post Graduate in Nutrition with a Bachelor's degree in Education. Presently, she is the Founder Principal of a Senior Secondary School, The Icon Public School, at Ahmednagar. She is a dynamic speaker and conducts workshops for teaching Spoken English, Soft Skills and Personality Development. She conducts Teachers Training and Life skills training for schools and other institutions. She has authored several books on the subject. Her first book, published in 2005, Communicate with Ease Speak in English Please and the second, English Communication made Easy are being used as course books in colleges and Spoken English Institutes. English Matters written by her in 2009 is a graded series of eight books to improve grammar and spoken English of school children. These are being used as course books in schools all over India. Aradhana Rana is also an ardent traveler and her travel blogs have been winning hearts all around the world.

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